By Giorgia Patroni

My name is Giorgia and I am a student at UED (European University of Design). My course allows me to study what I am passionate about in order to become an Interior Designer. However, I wonder if Italians even know what that is? And d I have a future in this profession? Following my passion? I have many questions and things I am confused about. I don’t want to have to leave my homeland but, maybe, there’s no alternative. This is my future and I can put it off for a few months, but it will still be there, waiting for me. Now there is war in the heart of Europe, there are rising prices, there is the threat of terrorism, there are unjust deaths every day, and we are also now 8 billion inhabitants on our planet; a planet that desperately needs help. But with people whose only aim is to increase their own privileges without thinking of those who are not even lucky enough to be able to eat one meal a day, is there hope, is there a future?

The issue of food waste is closely linked to everyday reality, there are those who beg for a bit of food, those who have too much and waste it, and even those who throw it on paintings just to draw attention. My impression is that everything is going in the wrong direction, as if there wasn’t already enough illness to contend with, the environment is making us ill. We have barely emerged from two years of a global pandemic but it’s not just that; the Earth is moving, earthquakes, torrential rain, floods, hurricanes, fires... Where do I find two minutes of peace? Where do I find two minutes to think about my future? Will I have a future if those who should be making it happen only think of themselves?

Giorgia Patroni was born 21 years old,  in a town in the province of Bari, an out-of-town student at the UED (European University of Design) in Pescara, a future Interior Designer somewhat afraid of the future, confident in the new generation.